A Week in the Life of Ellie

(re-posted from March 2008)

I’m in South Africa today. It’s amazing the difference a 3 hour drive can make in your surroundings…as I type this I’m sitting in a nice coffee shop, enjoying some high speed wireless internet. I may even go see a movie this afternoon. I know this probably sounds really materialistic of me, but sometimes it just feels so good to be in a mall. 🙂

Thought I’d take advantage of the fast internet to send out some photos of what Ellie’s been up to. She’s one of the busiest little people I’ve ever seen! Here’s a few glimpses of what it’s like for Ellie, growing up in Africa…

Once of twice a week Ellie is out in the rural area with me while I’m meeting with the women. Here she is enjoying a plate of corn meal mush (porridge) with some of the other kids at the feeding center. I think more than the enjoying the food itself, she likes that she gets to eat it all with her fingers. 🙂 Can you pick her out with her new short hair cut? She’s 3rd from the right.

She also comes along on MANY trips to the fabric store to “help” me buy supplies for bags. This day I found her hanging out in a bin of fabric while waiting on me.

Seems like every other blog shows a pic of Ellie on this pink motorcycle. That should give you an idea of just how much she loves it. Here she insited on me helping her put it in the swimming pool with her. This little plastic pool has been a life saver on hot days!

Here she is checking out the zebras at a near by game reserve. Not your typical day at the park for a 3 yr old.

Ellie’s not so favorite thing is when she has to come with me to the office. Here she is getting creative with some craft supplies she found while waiting on me! We try to keep her office visits to a minimum. 🙂

Ellie will be starting preschool at the end of April…so we’re gearing up for that and thankful that there is a great little christian school just a block and a half from our house!

That’s the scoop from the bottom of Africa today!


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