Ellie and Jesus

(re-posted from May 2011)

Let me tell you about bedtime with Ellie last night…

Actually, let me start with a little lead-in…

Since Easter Ellie and I have been talking a lot about Jesus; his death on the cross, his resurrection and why he had to die for our sins. She’s asked a lot of good questions. Of course her little mind is always going about 100mph (or 160 kilometers per hour if you live in the southern hemisphere), so a great question about salvation would often be followed up by a question about why Rapunzel’s hair is so long, or why my nose is so big, etc.

Ellie loves to hear about things that I did when I was little, so on Sunday we were once again looking at the Easter story, and I told her about how when I was 5 years old, I prayed and asked Jesus to forgive my sins, to be my Savior, and be in charge of my life. Her eyes were wide open, and I knew I had her full attention…then she asked if she could go ride her bike.

Then, Tuesday night we got home late from a dinner and prayer at a friend’s house, and I was rushing to get Ellie in bed. I pray for Ellie every night as she goes to bed, but last night Ellie said, “Tonight I’m gonna pray, mom.” Then, totally unprompted Ellie said, “Dear Jesus, Please come into my heart. Forgive my sins and wash it clean and be my savior. Amen.”

Ahhhhh! SWEETEST MOMMENT EVER. For two days she’d been thinking about what we’d talked about on Sunday! I said/shouted, “Ellie, you just asked Jesus into your heart!!”

She put her hand over her heart. Then she pressed down a little harder and gasped, “Oh! It’s just a bone. I thought it was Jesus!”
So I guess we’ll work on understanding the fine details of theology as we go, but for now I think she’s got it down pretty good: Jesus is the best! 🙂

Today after I got home from work we went to KFC for some ice cream to celebrate.

Tonight at bedtime when Ellie prayed, she said, “Thank you for a good day. Thank you God for forgiving my sins. You are the best God, Jesus. Welcome to Swaziland. Happily ever after, Amen.” 🙂
From julieanderson.myadventures.org

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