Nomsa’s New House

(re-posted from May 2009)

I’m thankful for the days when God allows me to clearly see some of the work he’s doing around me here in Swaziland. In the midst of all the logistical frustrations of life here, days like yesterday are refreshing!

A while ago my friend Nomsa told me I needed to come to visit her home so she could show me what she has done with money she’s earned through Timbali Crafts. Nomsa is a precious woman, who works hard, never complains and has a beautiful smile. Yesterday afternoon Ellie and I, and a few other friends, were able to visit the home of Nomsa and her family.
Nomsa and her husband, their 6 children, 3 other children they care for, and her husband’s mother all live on the same homestead. Nomsa’s house is small, only one room made from stick and mud, with a very leaky roof that was threatening to cave in during heavy rains. There were several other similar stick and mud homes/rooms shared by the family members and also a concrete block home (one room) for the grandmother. What Nomsa was so excited to show us was the nearly finished concrete block house/room that they have been able to build using money she had earned through the purses she sews. We captured some great pictures during our visit, but I wish you all could have seen Nomsa in person yesterday-she was BEAMING with the excitement of visitors to her home and showing off what the Lord has provided.
From julieanderson.myadventures.orgFrom
It was such a good time of rejoicing with my friend. There was one less chicken running around their yard yesterday afternoon, as Nomsa had also prepared a meal for us! At one point during our visit I walked around to the other side of the house to see what Ellie was up to and found her with all the other children sitting in a circle on a grass mat. The children had been playing cards and were trying to include Ellie. Just as I came around the corner I saw one of the girls help Ellie adjust her hand of cards and then say, with her british/swazi accent, “Now shut up, and play the game.” It was hilarious. Ellie had a blast playing with all the kids.
I hope it encourages you as it did me to see the good things the Lord is providing for these precious women!
Here are some more pics…enjoy looking at them and rejoice with Nomsa!

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