Lots of Payday Pictures

(re-posted from October 2012) A lot happens on a Timbali payday. Yesterday was our first one since getting back from the USA. It was a good day. Here’s a few highlights: This is a new playground that was put up at the Care Point where we meet each week. I guess this doesn’t have a … Continue reading

Cornflakes, Rainbows and the Swiss Alps

(re-posted from September 2012) This morning Ellie was eating her breakfast and the sun was shining through the window, hitting something in just the right way so that there was a perfect little rainbow reflected right in her bowl of cornflakes! And that reminded me of something… In June, Ellie and I had the AMAZING opportunity to … Continue reading


(re-posted from July 2011) This morning I attended the funeral of a 7 year old boy named Mamba. His life, of course, was way too short. His death was tragic: killed by his step-father who then also took his own life. Mamba was loved by many. I knew him only as a toddler when his … Continue reading

A Whole Lot of Sewing Machines

(re-posted from May 2011) Last Friday my mission was to get 50 brand new Singer sewing machines that we had purchased from the factory in Johannesburg, SA, across the border into Swaziland. It’s a project that’s been dragging on for a few months for various reasons, so I’m pretty excited that my mission was accomplished, … Continue reading

Ellie and Jesus

(re-posted from May 2011) Let me tell you about bedtime with Ellie last night… Actually, let me start with a little lead-in… Since Easter Ellie and I have been talking a lot about Jesus; his death on the cross, his resurrection and why he had to die for our sins. She’s asked a lot of … Continue reading

A Walk with Grace

(re-posted from April 2011) Yesterday I took a walk with Grace. Grace was born in 1939. A lot of the older generation here either doesn’t know their exact age, or doesn’t really keep track…so when asked how old they are, many times the best you get is the year of their birth. I can’t tell you … Continue reading

Technical Difficulties

(re-posted from September 2010) (FYI: this blog has been written over the last 2 weeks or so. Finally getting it posted! It’s taken 2.5 hours to post this and everything keeps shifting, so sorry if the layout is funky) Sometimes I like to process what’s happening in life by thinking of what I’d title a … Continue reading

Women’s Camp ’09

(re-posted from June 2009) I’ve finally come out of my “post-retreat exhaustion induced coma,” and have made it to the office to post a blog about our weekend camp with the Timbali women. IT WAS GREAT and I know this blog isn’t going to do justice in reporting all the great things God did. 87 … Continue reading

Nomsa’s New House

(re-posted from May 2009) I’m thankful for the days when God allows me to clearly see some of the work he’s doing around me here in Swaziland. In the midst of all the logistical frustrations of life here, days like yesterday are refreshing! A while ago my friend Nomsa told me I needed to come … Continue reading

A Week in the Life of Ellie

(re-posted from March 2008) I’m in South Africa today. It’s amazing the difference a 3 hour drive can make in your surroundings…as I type this I’m sitting in a nice coffee shop, enjoying some high speed wireless internet. I may even go see a movie this afternoon. I know this probably sounds really materialistic of … Continue reading