Ellie Turns 2! and The Lord Holds Our Hand

(Re-posted from January 2007) Ellie had her 2nd birthday this week! We had all the toddlers from a local home for abandoned babies over on Friday afternoon, and the dozen or so kids running around our yard made for a great little celebration. In the midst of hotdogs, games, cake, and sticky hands and faces, it was amazing … Continue reading

I Wish I was a Nurse

(re-posted from March 2008) I wish this story had a nice and neat ending, but it doesn’t. I’m sharing it just to give you an idea of what a “typical” day can look like here, the situations people here are facing, and some of the frustrations of trying to get things done!! Last week I … Continue reading

Like the Israelites in Egypt

(re-posted from May 2007) On Thursday I was out with the women for our regular meeting. We’ve been making lots of bags lately… this month we’ve made over 300, and they are pretty much all already spoken for. Here’s a picture of my friend Ruby working on the sewing machine that is at the care point … Continue reading

Swazi Slumber Party

(re-posted from March 2006) There was a mini slumber party at my house last night, and God allowed me to see a glimpse of what he is doing in Swaziland. My good friend Jacci (from Northwestern College and Mexico, now living in South Africa) was spending the night as well as two Swazi friends, Cynthia … Continue reading

Yesterday in Swaziland

(Re-posted from July 2010) There are some days when the images and circumstances I see here seem to stand out in my mind more than others. Yesterday was one of those days. I’m going to try and walk you through it. I know this is going to be long, but hopefully some of you will find … Continue reading